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1 What is CsoGame.com? The most complete and cheapest purchase portal for game vouchers
2 How to buy on CsoGame.com ? 1. Go to the CsoGame.com website / download the CsoGame apps
2. Select the desired game
3. Select the item you want to buy with the number of coins and the price listed, then you can choose the payment that we provide
4. Fill in your game ID, cellphone number and email for a successful order notification
5. Click buy now, then we will send the total amount of payment also by the email you input and sms and please make the payment
6 . If the payment is successful, wait 1 - 5 minutes, the order will automatically enter your game
3 Does CsoGame.com have apps? Currently we have android apps which can be downloaded at https://play.google.com/
4 How to buy more than 1 Game ID in one payment? 1. You can register an account at CsoGame.com
2. If it is successful, you can login with the account that has been registered
3. Top up the balance according to the id or the amount you want to buy.
4. You can top up the balance to the account in your game voucher
5. If the balance has been entered, you buy one by one with the balance that you have filled in
5 How to buy with payment using Telkomsel credit? 1. Make sure the top up on your cellphone number must be more than the price you want to buy
2. Payment via credit can't be done from a credit counter, it must be from a personal/friend number, if it's not enough, please top up the credit at the nearest counter
3. If you have selected Telkomsel payment and have filled in your ID, Email and Mobile Number, then you can fill in the sender's number, which is your cellphone number to share credit
4. For writing the cellphone number, don't start with 0 but start with 62. Example 628136012345
6 How do I make a payment using Gopay? 1. Must have a verified GoPay ID card for you or your parents
2. If you already have, place an order as desired
3. Choose payment via gopay and fill in the fields
4. Enter your gopay, and transfer to the destination number that is already available
5. Make payments according to nominal, do not round up
7 How to pay using Alfamart/Indomaret? 1. Come to Indomaret / Alfamart
2. Tell the cashier that you want to make a Plasamall payment
3. Give the payment code (xxxxxx) to the cashier
4. Pay according to the amount informed by the cashier
5. Save your proof of payment
8 What if my transfer does not match the existing unique code? 1. Contact cs@csogame.com
2. Include proof of transfer of game ID funds
3. Confirm to the admin that the transfer does not match the unique code
9 How long will the shipping process take if I have made a payment? 1. The process it takes only 1 - 5 minutes your order will enter
2. Check sms or email to see order details


What if you want to register as a reseller 1. Has active email
2. Have an active Hp No.
3. Registration Fee IDR 100,000
4. Contact cs@csogame.com for more info


What if you want to register as a reseller by having a website like vouchergame? 1.Have regular customers 50 - 100 per day
2. Have an active Email
3. Have an active cellphone number
4. Confirm registration fee
5. more info ask our cs@csogame.com.
Business address: Office No2, 3rd Floor, Mujahid Plaza, Blue AREA, Islambad, Pakistan
Email: bingc@jindouservice.com
Mobile Number: +92 03190152551/+86 18501979629
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